16mm Film to DVD – Know the Process

If you have cleaned your attic, basement or also closet and found certain boxes of some old movies and also certain images? If so, then you are not alone! In fact, there are numbers of folks actually come across 16mm to DVD for many years.
Some of these 16mm films have shots of World War 2 victory celebrations, air raids and also soldiers’ bravery. It is indeed possible to only come across your grandmother’s birthday party or film.

Process of conversion of 16mm to DVD

Cleaning and Repairing

In order to start, the 16mm film transfer to DVD, the film will then definitely need to be fully cleaned and then fixed. And the complete process of cleaning and repairing will then certainly differ on the basis of several important things such as type of film, condition and age.

Transfer 16mm to DVD

A camcorder will then capture every important film frame that is then transmitted to computer using software, is processed for both color corrections and sound enhancement. The digital film is then put together into a great definition, flicker free master that is then changed into a digital video file mainly to view anytime on computers to DVD players.


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