Convert 8mm to Digital Film and Restore the Old Photos

If you have the negatives of the photos lying in the house, it is time to transform them into digital images so that they can be preserved for ever. Looking at the computer generated pictures after such a long time is walking back into the memory lane. What more the 8mm to digital film involves scanning of frame by frame and the storage of the images in the virtual space.


For scanning purposes all the photos should be in square shape and the pictures need to be bundled according to the size. For instance 5*7s is grouped together while other sizes are clubbed in a separate class. State of art machines are used to accomplish the task without any hassles. Every point on the frame is monitored to restore the photos that are in danger of being torn and obliterated.

It is true that old photos suffer from scratches that can obfuscate the clarity of the images.  A digitized picture stays the same for a very long time. Moreover, they can be customized as per the desires and preferences. High resolution output is obtained within 24 hours by the trained professionals. They use their skills and equipments to take care of the photos so that are restored to their original glory. Spots on the images are removed immediately without causing harm to other elements.

 For scanning, commercial photo scanners are used by the developers. They provide razor sharp output known to last for a very long time. The total turnaround time it takes is 2 weeks.

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