Photo-60 Studio Offers 16mm to Digital Services

So, you are interested for conversion of your old 16mm film to digital? If yes, then you should get in touch with none other than Photo-60 Studio, a highly reputed and proud for serving people to a great extent.

The company is specialized in offering the 8mm and 16mm film to digital conversion services and helps needy. In order to get their services, you should fist submit 16mm film to the company. You should gather all your old 16mm films and then organize them in better way. Moreover, if you wish to place 16 mm and 8mm homes movies in a specific order, you would then only need to mark every reel or box with a number.

You can in fact order and prepay online by accessing its website. All you need to do is to just fill out your order form mainly to print out and also add to the box that you are actually shipping. Besides, you can in fact also use that same order form for filling out and also pay after the order has been completed.


  • All 16mm film will definitely be cleaned for dust that has in fact accumulated onto the surface of the film and any bas splices will certainly be corrected.
  • Once 16mm film is generally cleaned will certainly begin capturing process. It has a fully balanced system and also auto exposure will definitely maintain average uniform exposure.

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